Welcome to +JuJu Publications, a Series of Positive JuJu LLC. We're happy you're here. We are excited to grow our businesses and our customer bases alongside yours. Together, with our clients, we co-create, co-develop and co-operate the future of (y)our online, print, digital and mobile media spaces to attract more attention, and captivate a larger target audience through multiple platforms. Developing a lifetime of consumer brand loyalty, organically and sustainably.

An extraordinary new concept?

This core philosophy is in direct alignment with Positive JuJu LLC's, and our sister series, +JuJu Agency's mission to revolutionize the relationship between businesses and their customers, membership and subscribers, refocusing energies toward acquisition, loyalty and retention. At the end of the day, the very best products are nothing without a loyal customer. When a specific marketplace is saturated by strategic marketing, cut throat sales tactics, and liars, loyal customers are even harder to come by. This is why Positive JuJu LLC prefers to develop (y)our customer bases from ground zero.

While our time is limited, our vetting team is eagerly waiting to learn more about you, your goals and your business, so we can determine the most proficient way to empower your goals in the future, and if we can't help you, we will do our best to at least guide you in the right direction, or provide you with that much needed honest opinion that you've been searching for. We strongly believe in client rights, elevating; the right project, the right people and the right brands. As crucial as consistency, we're all about developing relationships that center around social responsibility. Please have a business plan, a budget, and socially responsible SDG's to qualify for a an acquisition and retention consultation, otherwise please select from the options below to meet your ongoing advertising needs.

For publishing inquiries, including first time article submission, please contact: publisher@positivejuju.llc 

For editorial inquiries, including collaborations, corrections and complaints, please contact: editorial@positivejuju.llc

For advertising inquiries, including digital media, geotargeting and cross-platform, please contact: inquiry@positivejuju.llc

For business development, and customer, member or subscriber acquisition, please contact: strategy@positivejuju.llc

For all inquiries that cannot be addressed above, please contact: admin@positivejuju.llc



Positive JuJu LLC owns, manages and/or represents an amalgamated group of publications operating under the +JuJu Publications unified framework. By globally sharing creative resources, design, development, production, infrastructure, staffing and buying power with other qualifying publications, we all work together to create, develop and distribute ethical, relevant and verified information on a variety of topics, through a variety of media outlets.

While +JuJu Publications works with over a dozen platforms, +JuJu Publications, their topics and their contents, are not for everybody, and wouldn't want to be. If you stick around, you will find we are our own force of nature conspiring in favor of mother nature, earth and a peacefully enlightened society.  +JuJu Publications, and Positive JuJu LLC operates under a strict moral and ethical code of conduct placing trust and integrity at the center of our Universe. Therefore, +JuJu Publications reserves the right to refuse service to any brand, any company, any organization, anyone or any project at any time, for any reason.

+JuJu Publications does not tolerate hate, violence, discrimination or division of any kind. Be Kind.

If any of the content in or on +JuJu Publications' platforms offends you, please do not consume it, and good luck in finding an outlet that meets your taste. We encourage you to keep searching until you find exactly what you want in life, and hope you never settle. If you are not a fan of a particular subject, we encourage you to live your life, but again, save your opinion, and your time, we are too busy working on the future to revisit the past - unless it is for a verified editorial correction. Positive JuJu is here to unite and empower, therefore engaging conversations will be a byproduct, and should be expected. Participants should be extending love, kindness and encouragement, spreading Positive JuJu into every aspect of their life and community.

This policy may seem harsh, however, it empowers +JuJu Publications and Positive JuJu LLC, to be the change we wish to see in the world. By empowering free speech, and encouraging independent journalism, +JuJu Publications promotes a living wage and fosters a 32 hour work week - in addition to providing a diverse employee benefit and retention program that rivals the customer retention programs that Positive JuJu LLC is so well known for creating and innovating.

By infusing a little Positive JuJu into your business, we are able to leverage the best part of our business: talent

Our duty is to make the world a better place, and we aim to do so in a manner that sets an example for others working in our industry to follow. Our job is to qualify, mentor and elevate exceptional brands and socially conscious contributors, and we take those responsibilities very seriously. If you feel your business qualifies as a global contributor, and you want your brand placed in our queue for consideration, reach out at the appropriate email address above.  Thank you for your time.


Stay Positive!